5 Positive Psychology Elements of Facebook’s Interfaces and Platform Infrastructures

(You Probably Experience These Almost Every Single Day)

I recently completed my Positive Psychology doctoral course; a course jam-packed with thought-provoking insights that lend themselves to multiple facets of everyday life.

For those unfamiliar with positive psychology, it is essentially the study and exploration of human happiness.

During the course, we deconstructed the elements of human happiness and distinguished between hedonic and eudaimonic happiness impacts on the conceptualization of media use and enjoyment.

We also explored:

  • the role of empathy and altruism in Internet behaviors;
  • the role of attachment and affiliation manifest in social media;
  • the neuroscience of positive emotions;
  • the role of social and mobile technologies in individual and collective agency;
  • the positive power of storytelling in making social change;
  • and designing games and transmedia narratives for flow.
The course final

My final for this course required a 15-20+ page paper on a positive media psychology subject of my choosing, which resulted in my writing the following paper:

  • 5 Positive Psychology Elements of Facebook’s Interfaces and Platform Infrastructures You Probably Experience Almost Every Single Day

Here’s an excerpt:

Explosive social media usage growth means that billions of people throughout the globe regularly frequent social media sites to connect with friends, peers, and family many times over throughout the course of a given day.

As social media users log in and out of their social apps and sites, they are generally oblivious to the positive psychology-influenced elements purposefully weaved into the interface designs of their profiles, dashboards, and always-updating news feeds.

To demonstrate this premise more clearly, this writing highlights five relevant examples where positive psychology has been strategically incorporated into the News Feed interface design of the world’s most frequented social network: Facebook.

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Hope you enjoy reading!

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


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