Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | 7 Personal Branding Tips From #WITSDC16
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7 Personal Branding Tips From #WITSDC16

Personal Branding @ #WITSDC

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to share various helpful approaches on how to create a tech-focused personal brand with the attendees of the  Women In Tech Summit, an annual conference bringing together women in various of fields of technology for networking, professional development, and inspiration.

After my session ended, a number of attendees:

  • … shared their unique personal branding challenges
  • … indicated a desire to learn more about the subject
  • … expressed appreciation for my advice
  • … shared their excitement about what they had learned
  • … asked specific questions about how they should move forward
  • … wanted to continue the personal branding conversation with me beyond my session

It’s challenging to try to help everyone with these questions once the session ends because the room is in transition for the next presentation.

As a result, important conversations with attendees happen in a rushed state as we are all shuffling out the room.

7 Things to Remember From My #WITSDC Presentation

I know I wasn’t able to answer everyone’s questions but I hope the 7 presentation highlights listed below can help those who attended stay focused and inspired!

  1. Resumes are no longer enough.
    As we learned from New Jersey-based, Best Buy recruiter John McCall, recruiters are spending even LESS than 6 seconds on your resume.
  2. Use the right hashtags

    Like a company? Use their hashtags to bump up your name in searches #WITSDC #buildyourbrand
    — Sarah Hendricks (@daisyinaglass)

    To find the “intersection of interest” (or content) between you and prospective employers (or clients), use hashtags. And not just any hashtags. Find the specific, targeted hashtags being used by your desired audience to insert your personal brand in a highly relevant way.

  3. Overlap = Opportunity

    Once you identify the right hashtags, then spend some time finding that interest or content “overlap point” between your audience and you. Use overlap point(s) to help you better differentiate yourself as a viable candidate.

  4. Promote yourself

    The good news about personal branding is that you don’t have to wait for a yearly performance review to move on up the career ladder.
    Remember: There are NO glass ceilings at You, Inc.

  5. Per Tom Peters, you are Head Marketer at You, Inc.

    And as the Chief Marketing Officer of You, Inc., do keep in mind that only you can craft out the DNA blueprint of your personal brand. You can hire others to help deploy or support your plan but only and uniquely you can define the exact specifications of what your personal brand is or will be.

  6. Time is your friend
    Your personal branding effort will be more of an ongoing journey, with occasional pit stops for replenishment, rather than a embarking on a fast sprint. It will take you some time, usually weeks and months in fact (and in my case, it’s ongoing), to build and deploy your personal branding efforts. Trickle your progress across your social and digital channels in close alignment with your specific goals and professional objectives.
  7. Invest in YOU
    As Head Marketers of You, Inc., you must make investments of time, effort and resources in your personal brand. There are no shortcuts. Invest in yourself every single day, even if only for 10 minutes each morning, to catapult your personal brand forward in the minds and hearts of those you seek to impact or attract.

I could share much more on this subject but this post does have to end sometime, right? 🙂

A Twitter side note

As I was leaving the classroom, I was told by the WITSDC organizers that my personal branding session had “blown up Twitter!”

Thanks everyone!

I really appreciated connecting with many fabulous women in tech from DC and other cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia and more!


I hope attendees walked away feeling more informed on how to best approach their own tech-focused personal branding.


And I hope others left my session feeling INSPIRED and ready to dive in!


Wishing you luck,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Mentoring Young Women Pursuing Fields in IT @ UMD

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson