A Hamilton Sunset

After being cooped up in the house (due to self-quaranting due to COVID19, aka Coronavirus) for the last few days, I decided to take an evening stroll in my neighborhood this evening.

With my 8-year-old daughter, Charlie, tagging along, I was pleasantly surprised to witness an AMAZING dusk sky setting slowly above us in all its magnificent glory.

Scootering under the evening sky by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
Future sunset photo plans

The sunset pics shared in this post inspire me to go back out this week and stroll down a different neighborhood to see what new variations of dusk I can potentially capture. Plus it’ll be great to get Charlie out of the house since the schools continue to be close and she needs to get the physical activity in, as do I.

Unfortunately, local parks are closed. 

So when Charlie and I do go for that next, late afternoon stroll, we’ll be limited to local neighborhood streets. Still, I’m excited to explore our immediate area with my 8yo sidekick and discover new shot angles for breathtaking sunsets.

Hoping you and yours are able to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors, and your share of amazing sunsets, during this era of social distancing.

Be safe out there, and stay healthy.

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Featured photo credit:
Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


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