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Reading Sherry Turkle books this summer 2021

A Turkle Summer of Reading: Reclaiming Conversation

As a cyberpsychologist, I care deeply about human-technology interactions, follow related headlines, and voraciously read whatever books, articles, or scholarly materials available in this important field. Along that vein, I'll be reading several of Sherry Turkle's books in the coming summer months. Turkle's resume in human-technology interaction...

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YouTubers are risking their lives for our clicks

Interviewed: YouTubers Risking Lives for Clicks

Why are YouTubers, like social media influencer Jeff Wittek, risking their lives for clicks? Like all things related to human motivation, the answer (much like an onion) has multiple layers. See my (abridged) response, as a cyberpsychology source, on the Mic article here. Expanded response Due to submission deadlines...

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Little Miss Petunia Buttons

Meet Little Miss Petunia Buttons

Formerly Petunia Pickle Bottoms Before adopting this hopelessly adorable Plott Hound pup from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, she was named Petunia Pickle Bottoms :) When they brought her out to meet me and my 10-year old Charlie, she pranced up towards us with happily flopping ears...

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Ongoing construction

So Much Construction (So Few Trees)

Lately, I’m seeing tons and tons of new construction. New buildings, new roads, new homes, new commercial centers, and new apartment complexes. I realize some people equate new construction to positive and visible signs of a good economy. And I get that. But with so much new construction around...

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Building a Media-Activity Analysis Tool for Twitter

Building a Media-Activity Analysis Tool for Twitter

With my Twitter Developer application now officially approved, I'm one step closer toward building a media-activity analysis tool using Twitter's API. I’ve named this forthcoming tool Vistorylizer; a moniker that meshes the term "visual storytelling" with a metrics-measurement "analyzer" label. Because that's what Vistorylizer sets out to...

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My new personal blog by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

New Personal Blog

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas in pharetra eros. Vivamus eu nisi ut dui bibendum ornare vitae a enim. Sed sit amet tellus sagittis, iaculis mi nec, auctor purus. Maecenas feugiat nisl quis felis dignissim, sit amet tristique lectus viverra. Quisque luctus...

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