TikTok Influencer Brooke Monk Reminds Us About Changes to Brand Story in a Post-Truth World |
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Influencer Brooke Monk on TikTok

TikTok Influencer Brooke Monk Reminds Us About Changes to Brand Story in a Post-Truth World

The unspoken, more impactful observation from this CNBC interview with TikTok star Brooke Monk stems from her comments, whereby Monk explains why she believes she’s been successful as a TikTok influencer, stating that brands will work with influencers a lot more in the future …

“…because audiences feel MORE CONNECTED (my emphasis) to an influencer, if they see their DAILY LIFE (my emphasis) and they’re just watching their content, as opposed to celebrities or even commercials or infomercials.”

Beyond the headline glamourizing the quantitative aspects of Monk’s rapid rise as a followed-by-16-million TikTok influencer, Monk’s story is another example of the marketing challenges (and realities) stemming from our post-truth world.

Note that Monk specifically says: “as opposed to celebrities or even commercials or infomercials.”

This trio of still-used marketing approaches (celebs, commercials, infomercials) tries to package a brand story or narrative with (mostly) promotional messaging.

But as Monk points out, audiences much prefer to watch the (non-packaged) daily life of an influencer and “just watch their (otherwise mundane) content” than they prefer to watch the packaged story versions published by brands by way of celebs, commercials, and infomercials.


Dr. Harun Yilmaz

Dr. Harun Yilmaz, author of Marketing In The Post-Truth Era

Because, as Dr. Harun Yilmaz explains in his book, Marketing In The Post-Truth Era:

the old Truth Machine is broken. The capacity of experts, numbers, and mass media to turn a message into a truth has been diminished. Today a message can be seen as being trustworthy and reliable without the backing of experts, numbers, or mass media.”

A stark marketing reality

Circling back to Monk’s comments, the TikTok influencer is simply articulating a stark reality of marketing in today’s post-truth climate.

In such a world, a story linked to a brand (aka celebs, commercials, infomercials) can *never* be as engaging as a story about the ‘self’ of the consumer, so eloquently explains Dr. Yilmaz.

In other words

In short: Consumers tend to flock to brands by which they can “see themselves” reflected back.

Therefore, to emphatically improve your branding and marketing efforts in our post-truth era is to ensure that your audiences and consumers “see themselves” reflected back in your brand.

Featured blog image credit: Brooke Monk on TikTok

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