Building a Media-Activity Analysis Tool for Twitter

One Step Closer
As of mid-November 2019, my Twitter Developer application was officially approved by Twitter.

This was a thrilling update for two tightly-related reasons:

  • the approval provides me with developer access to Twitter’s API;
  • this, in turn, gets me one step closer to building a media-activity analysis tool for Twitter (as a third-party developer).

I’ve named this tool Vistorylizer and plan to launch it by 2021.

What is media-activity analysis?

As the term ‘media-activity analysis’ implies, media activity (specific to Twitter) is analyzed by a set of configured criteria made possible through Vistorylizer‘s integration of Twitter’s API.

It’s notable to point out that Vistorylizer analyzes media activity only on Twitter, which  is limited to what Twitter itself deems as media and media activity.

Why build for Twitter?

It made sense to integrate Vistorylizer with Twitter’s platform for a variety of reasons, including:

  • its platform is conducive to global conversations in real-time
  • global conversations, in turn, facilitate the propagation of media as an integral part of network communications
  • the Twitter API is both media-friendly, accessible, and configurable enough to meet my vision for media-search criteria
Who cares about media-activity analysis?

Simply put, me!

I’m a media psychologist, after all.

That means I:

  • … concern myself with matters pertaining to media, including media construction, media interactions, and media distribution;
  • … care about how media is produced, consumed, and shared across mediated technologies; and
  • … am interested in semiotics (the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation) and how they’re used in visual storytelling

A tool like Vistorylizer will help me, and others with similar interests, explore how media (on Twitter) is being produced, interacted with, and shared in near real-time.

The media research possibilities with such a tool are exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you and others once I complete its construction.

Stay tuned.


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