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Ongoing construction

So Much Construction (So Few Trees)

Lately, I’m seeing tons and tons of new construction.

New buildings, new roads, new homes, new commercial centers, and new apartment complexes.

I realize some people equate new construction to positive and visible signs of a good economy.

And I get that.

But with so much new construction around us, the blatant destruction of trees is always a concern for me.

It’s a disheartening reality; driving through beautiful tree-lined roads one day and practically overnight, the land along the roads has been ripped open; its barren dirt crawling with bulldozers and yellow-wearing construction workers … and the gorged terrain that remains has not one tree in immediate sight.

I worry about the trees (or the rapid lack thereof).

They are literally taken down from one day to the next.

Trees that took years if not decades to reach maturity are plucked from the earth as easily as an unwanted hair is plucked out with a swift pull of a tweezer.

I often wonder how many of those removed trees won’t ever be replaced and how many lush patches of green grass are to be swapped for slabs of concrete as far as the eye can see.

~ Mayra

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