Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | Published Work
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Published Work

stuff I’ve written


PR News for Smart CommunicatorsPR News Media Training Guidebook 2016

In late 2015, PR News was seeking abstracts for articles to include in their 2016 Media Training Guidebook. My abstract (1,000 word count minimum) was selected and my article was published in their Guidebook; copies of which currently sell for $399 in digital and $449 in print.

“Mayra, your topic sounds interesting, and we’d love to have it provided it meets our editorial standards and is consultative with tactical information, strategies and lessons learned.”

Ian James Wright
Managing Editor
PR News


I’ve authored a number of columns and have shared a handful of past ones here.

Loudoun Times Mirror

While the Loudoun Business Journal (a sister publication of the Loudoun Times Mirror) is no longer in circulation (the publication folded shortly after I submitted my Spring 2013 column), I was invited to submit two digital marketing-centric columns (750-800 word count) for their Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 editions.

The Virginia Maryland DOG Magazine

I originated the vision for the Pet Tech column (up to 1,000 word count) for The Virginia-Maryland Magazine back in 2013 and also designed/created the column’s defining artwork as well. A sample of my column is shared below.

Pet Tech columnist artwork by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


I’ve written many executive, business, and people profiles for magazines. These are often assigned by an editor, who provides me with word count specifications and the contact number for the interviewee.


Years ago, I was a guest blogger on the Network Solutions’ Women Grow Business blog (now administered by as well as a blog contributor to the PR-focused blog, Waxing Unlyrical.

Women Grow Business blog by Network Solutions (now

I was a contributor to the Women’s Grow Business blog from 2012-2013 but since that time, this blog has long been inactive and many of the posts I authored then are now outdated or unavailable.

The important note here, however, is that I successfully worked with strong editors and was an active, contributing member of a content development team, working on assigned topics, interviews, and editorial deadlines.

Waxing Unlyrical Blog by Shonali Burke