Instead of thinking out of the box, get rid of the box.

~ Deepak Chopra


An Open Letter

Hi. I’m Mayra Ruiz-McPherson and I’m a positive technologist, behavioral scientist, creative strategist, and content writer who seeks to help brands better connect with customers fellow humans.

How did I derive at such an aspiration?

This is my story.

For nearly twenty-five years, I was a senior (digital) marketing strategist, content and product designer, and brand communicator. While on this professional path, I pretty much did just about everything and anything you can think of under the omnichannel marketing, interactive advertising, and content designing sun.

By late 2017, however, I realized the marketing climate was dramatically changing.
And professionally, so was I (learn why here).
In short, I longed for new mountains to conquer.

Fast forward to the present day.

As you read this, I’m actively pursuing my doctorate in Media Psychology (and working to complete a concurrent MFA in Illustration). I also successfully completed a Masters in Media Psychology in 2019.

The combination of my immersive academic focus these past several years, along with my extensive marketing, communications, and design background, has given me a new direction and renewed focus.

Here’s how:

  • Media psychology
    While I’ll always have an affinity for (digital) marketing strategy, these days the implementation and design of positive (media) technologies, the heightening of human-centered experiences, and differentiation through narrative psychology and visual storytelling are calling more of my attention.
  • Illustration
    On the surface, my interest in illustration (and my corresponding MFA) may appear odd or incompatible to some (given my media psychology academics and digital strategy background) but such assessments are inadvertently misguided as my entire career has had strong, deep roots in both graphic/experience design, as well as creative direction. Presently, however, my pursuits in the realm of illustration are more to further expand my design capabilities, not just for supporting client work but also for my own self-publishing projects.
  • Advocacy
    In recent years, and as an Independent, US taxpayer, and global citizen, it’s been nearly impossible not to notice the pervasive toll and socio-political implications of automation, media manipulation, and disinformation. I find myself wanting to get involved but I haven’t yet defined what get involved realistically means given my current academic load. But perhaps in the future, I’ll throw my hat into this ring to volunteer, author content, or more. I share here only because it’s an area of interest and if my skills or capabilities can be of assistance in this regard, it’s a space I’d consider delving into further at some point.
  • Teaching
    Last but hardly least, I aspire to pass on much of what I’ve learned, across multiple disciplines, by way of teaching (perhaps as an adjunct) at the university level.

As a result of the above:

  • Consulting practice transition as of 2020
    I transitioned my consulting practice at the onset of 2020 to focus more on media psychology (rather than digital strategy) subjects. Media psychology is an important but broad specialization and includes numerous, more niche areas of concentration, including social media psychology, cyberpsychology, and more.
  • Illustration website launch
    I also launched my illustration, visual art, and design-focused website, which offers me a creative outlet as well as some interesting project work, from time to time.
  • Advocacy-inspired writings
    I’ve since begun compiling notes and data research in support of several topics I’m interested in writing and sharing online. Nothing concrete as of yet but will update here once I’ve made more progress in this regard.
  • Actively searching for remote/adjunct teaching opportunities
    I’ve started the process of searching for local and/or remote instructional opportunities in the various areas of marketing, psychology, communications, and design and see myself in some kind of teaching capacity over the coming year or two.
In closing

No matter how many passions and interests I may pursue, I’m always open to learning about new opportunities.

If you’re a recruiter, potential employer or client and would like to pitch an opportunity, I strongly encourage you to reach out and contact me to share your details.

Thank you for reading,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

Creative Strategist,
Behavioral Scientist,
Narrative Designer,
and Positive Technologist
for Human-Centered Brands.

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