Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | DOUBLE MASTERS
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concurrent degrees

At present, I’m a full time grad student pursuing TWO concurrent masters degrees:

  • an MA in Media Psychology (doing my thesis work this summer; almost done with this degree) with Fielding Graduate University
  • an MFA in Illustration (38% done, slated to graduate 2021) with Academy of Art University

MA in Media Psychology

My MA in Media Psychology, which I’m completing this year (2019), focuses on the following key core of topics:

  • Emerging Media
    how social media and the Internet transform society
  • Neuromarketing
    the psychological impact media has on consumers
  • Transmedia Storytelling & Brand Psychology
    how to engage customers and audiences across media technology platforms
  • Audience Engagement
    the psychology of finding and engaging your audience
  • Global Media
    media effects on society, individuals, and cultures worldwide
  • Positive Psychology
    how media can be used for socially constructive purposes

Academy of Art University

MFA in Illustration

My MFA in Illustration through the Academy of Art University, which I plan to graduate from by 2021, provides:

  • Advanced study in the illustrative arts with an emphasis on personal style using the most appropriate tools
  • ProfessionalΒ art skills and the development of oral, written, and visual presentation
  • Extensive immersionΒ in various illustration approaches and mediums across print and digital