Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | About Me
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About Me

Freelance Creative Marketing Consultant Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Iโ€™m Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA — an independent marketing and creative stategist working remotely from my transmedia design studio in Northern Virginia.

3 reasons clients retain my services:


I leverage my graduate work in neuroscience and media psychology to apply neuromarketing principles across multichannel strategies.


I improve the persuasiveness and visual salience of a brand’s storytelling and content design to inspire engagement and influence action.


I offer practical options and budget-friendly approaches towards media-aligned solutions relevant to marketing and revenue objectives.


For the past 23ย  years, I’ve been spearheading a multitude of extensive marketing initiatives across diverse industries — from concept and design to discovery and implementation. In addition, I’m often retained as the creative lead, defining the aesthetic vision on behalf of a brand (often from scratch) across desktop and mobile applications, social media platforms, email newsletters, and more.


I’m a longtime Creative who’s been designing marketing content, brand identities, application interfaces, and all kinds of advertising (for print and digital display) since the mid 1990s. But design isn’t just about designing; it’s about crafting a visual language and giving rise to design systems on behalf of a brand. It’s this very philosophy and approach my clients greatly benefit from — project after project.


I hold a B.A. in Business, with a concentration in Marketing, from Strayer University. I also hold an MA in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University, and an MFA from The Academy of Art (in progress).