Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | DOUBLE MASTERS
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Concurrent Degrees

Presently, I’m a full time graduate student pursuing TWO concurrent masters degrees:

MA in Media Psychology

My MA in Media Psychology, which I completed in June 2019, focuses on the following key core of topics:

  • Emerging Media
    how social media and the Internet transform society
  • Neuromarketing
    the psychological impact media has on consumers
  • Transmedia Storytelling & Brand Psychology
    how to engage customers and audiences across media technology platforms
  • Audience Engagement
    the psychology of finding and engaging your audience
  • Global Media
    media effects on society, individuals, and cultures worldwide
  • Positive Psychology
    how media can be used for socially constructive purposes

Academy of Art University

MFA in Illustration

My MFA in Illustration through the Academy of Art University, which I plan to graduate from by late 2020, provides:

  • Advanced study in the illustrative arts with an emphasis on personal style using the most appropriate tools
  • Professionalย art skills and the development of oral, written, and visual presentation
  • Extensive immersionย in various illustration approaches and mediums across print and digital