Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | Past Outreach
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Past Outreach

Before I began my concurrent masters programs (and prior to shifting my career path), I dedicated much of my time throughout the years volunteering and supporting local organizations in the Washington DC technology sector; particularly those devoted toward advancing women and mentoring girls in technology.

women in technology


Aspire 2018 event via the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation


I presented the topic of Personal Branding & Social media to 70+ at-risk, middle school girls from Loudoun and Fairfax County Schools on behalf of the Aspire 2018 Autumn event, hosted by the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.


The Women in Tech Summit

2015 to 2017

I served as a conference organizer and tech-topic presenter at The Women In Tech Conference’s annual event in Washington D.C.Β  for two years. WITS events help raise funds for, a non-profit organization working to inspire middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology.



November 4-5, 2016

Hosted by the University of Maryland, this all-women hackathon draws young girls from all over the USA. I was a panelist at the 2016 event, discussing the challenges of being a female technologist in a male-dominated field as well as how I climbed the tech ladder in spite of obstacles, one rung at a time.


Girls In Technology

November 4-5, 2016

Girls in Technology (GIT) engages school-age girls in grades 6th through 12th in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related learning. As a panelist for GIT’s annual event, I recounted how I first began my career as an interface designer, then later becoming a web manager, and ultimately a Sr. UX lead for mobile and desktop application development teams both in the US as well as offshore.

In addition to supporting women in technology initiatives, I also volunteered time and talent to digital marketing-themed projects or events in the DC metro area.

industry groups/events

Women Grow Business

2010 – 2014

As a contributing blogger to the Women Grow Business (WGB) blog, founded by Network Solutions and administered by local peers in the digital marketing field, I authored 1-2 blog posts every three months (depending on editorial needs). In addition to contributing timely content, I also participated as a speaker at several WGB professional learning events.


2009 – 2010

For a couple of years, I supported the organization of the SocStardom events along with several fellow peers. Collectively, we organized several meetups highlighting interesting, dynamic speakers who presented fantastic topics related to social media and digital marketing.

DC Web Women

2000 – 2005

Throughout the early 2000s, I supported the DC Web Women (DCWW) organization, a professional group of diverse and talented women technologists and female tech enthusiasts at all career levels and stages. As a contributing member of their marketing committee, I often participated and supported the group with branding and marketing initiatives in relation to membership and professional learning events.

New Media Society

early 2000s

The New Media Society was a listserv with 2000+ active subscribers interested in topics related to digital marketing, web design, and more. I became one of their communications outreach team members. In my role, I assisted in the regular production and distribution of their email newsletter, often working closely with their editorial team to curate and author email content tailored to the New Media Society’s diverse audience.