Mayra Ruiz-McPherson | Illustrator + Artist
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Illustrator + Artist

Illustrator & Sketch Artist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

I heighten storytelling with illustration.


In addition to my 23 years combined design experience in commercial advertising, creative strategy, interface development, and more, I also illustrate artwork for brands and publications. Working as an illustrator allows me to uniquely communicate an idea or a message in interesting and visually exciting ways.

Illustration for Brands

My illustrations complement a brand’s creative strategy and add a fun and excitingย  visual element across social media, email, and more.

Editorial Illustration

I create illustrations for editorial use such as for magazines, traditional books as well as ebooks, newsletters, and pretty much for any publication in need of illustration support.

Comics & Cartoons

Sometimes, when paired with the right content or narrative, a cartoon or comic captivates attention and underscores a message or idea in powerful ways.

Children’s Book Illustration

My MFA concentration is in children’s book illustration and I myself have several children’s book illustration projects underway.