Interviewed by Mic Magazine: YouTubers Risking Lives for Clicks |
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YouTubers are risking their lives for our clicks

Interviewed by Mic Magazine: YouTubers Risking Lives for Clicks

Why are YouTubers, like social media influencer Jeff Wittek, risking their lives for clicks?

Mic MagazineThat’s what MIC Magazine asked when their writer reached out to interview me as a cyberpsychology source.

The challenge, as with most things related to human motivation, there are usually no single, clear-cut answers; instead — much like an onion — any answer(s) often involve multiple layers.

Despite that, my (very) short answer can be seen here on the Mic article.

Expanding my comments, however

Due to submission deadlines and word count limits, my complete comments as shared with the Mic journalist could not be used in their entirety.

So I’ll be writing a supplementary post that’ll include a bit more context and details pertaining to YouTuber’s risking their lives for clicks. Stay tuned!

For now, I do appreciate the writer, Jessica Lucas, for having sought me out as a cyberpsychology source.

I’d also like to thank Mic for publishing an insightful piece on a timely topic.

~ Mayra

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