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Just M

Welcome to Just M Magazine,

a beautifully designed digital ezine

(with an illustrated point of view) for the




  • Art Studio Decor
  • Sketch to the Max
  • Versailles: A Fan Art Tribute

  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh
  • Brand Design Lingo You Need To Know
  • Visual Storytelling

  • Book Reviews
  • Design & Art Tool Guides
  • Kids Art and more!

about this publication

Just M Magazine is an artistically expressed, (upcoming) digital ezine covering the gamut of creative-themed topics, from lighter visual fare and how-to tips to designed narratives and much more.

  • No advertisements
  • Digital format (limited editions may be available in print)
  • To be published 1x-2x a year

Just M Magazine is passionately produced with designers and consumers of creative content in mind, including:

  • Creative Enthusiasts
  • Professional Creatives
  • Content Designers
  • Visual Storytellers
  • Lettering Lovers
  • Sketchers & Doodlers

Just M Magazine is open to informative, entertaining, and personalized articles and fresh content by talented contributors. The main criteria for consideration is that the content fits with the style and message of the magazine, which focuses on creative-themed lifestyles and design-centric inspirations. Please make sure your content is in line with these themes before submitting.

General overview

Just M is an indie magazine for people who enjoy content design, visual storytelling, and creative expression for business or in day-to-day life. Just M features articles across a wide creative spectrum, but with a core emphasis on lifestyle and content design. Occasionally, other topics may be considered if they are creatively curious enough or have an interesting angle that may appeal to Just M readers.

Submissions from experienced writers

If you have previous writing or journalism experience then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with a brief overview of your background and experience, along with links to some of your work and any ideas that you have for articles.

Submissions from new writers

If you don’t have any previous writing experience and have no examples of your work to show us your writing style, please submit a complete article to us, along with a brief overview of your personal or professional experience in relation to the article.

Submissions for illustrators

Just M features illustrations, lettering, sequenced art, and doodled artworks in various styles, so if you’re an illustrator wanting to work with us please do get in touch. Please contact us with a brief overview of your experience and a link to an online portfolio,


We’re currently working on subscription capabilities; this may take some time as our team is very small and we’re busy working on launching our first edition. Please check back soon as this is on the to do list and should be up and running over the next couple of months, if not weeks.

In the interim, if you have a subscription-related question, please do email me, the publisher, directly at mayra [at] ruizmzcpherson [dot] com.

Thank you!


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While Just M currently does not include advertising in its edition(s), we are open to potential partnerships. We’re also considering publishing a Resource Guide in future editions, which is also open to sponsor ideas and collaborations. If you’d like to pitch something along these lines for future consideration, please use the email address below.

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