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Art journaling by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

Life Lessons Inspired By Art Journaling

In art, much as in life, mistakes are made.

While art journaling, one is *also* just as prone to mistakes and errors.

I know when I’m art journaling, I myself mess up … quite a lot!

I’ll make a wrong color choice or unintentionally wobble my pen as I draw a shape, resulting in unwanted distortion.

Or maybe I draw, scribble, color, or paint something that, days later, I simply just don’t like as much as I thought I did or would.

Not to fret, you can fix!

Yet UNlike life, where you can’t always go back and right a wrong or change the past (no how much we may wish or try), art journaling allows one the expansive freedom to liberally erase mistakes to recent entries as well as make sweeping changes to doodles and drawings from years ago.

Time is timeless across the pages of an art journal.

We have a limitless license to go back across the pages of time, literally AND figuratively, and correct errors, address hiccups, and fix mishaps … or not.

  • We can revisit an unfinished drawing … or not.
  • We can change colors and hues … or not.
  • We can collage over previous writings and scribbles … or not.

Literally, the infinite freedom and ability to “go back” to fix or address something, should you wish to, is ever-present.

And this ability to go back in drawing time and remedy or adjust details, large and small, is such a gift.

Life, in stark contrast, doesn’t give you many do-overs but with art journaling, second, third, fourth chances, and much more are as bountiful as they are possible.


Just some thoughts this morning as little Miss Petunia barks her head off in the background.

~ Mayra

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