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Art journaling by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

Life Lessons Inspired By Art Journaling

Art journaling is more than an art form.

In addition to its pleasurable pastime value, art journaling has also become a vital part of one’s mindfulness practice. And these are the reasons I myself have become an avid art journaler. No matter how busy life gets, I do try to art journal as frequently as I can.

However, when I journal, I’ll inevitably make mistakes here and there as I write and scribble my thoughts away.

Sometimes I’ll run out of space on a page, make a wrong color choice, or accidentally wobble my pen as I draw a shape, resulting in unwanted distortion.

Or maybe I’ll draw, scribble, color, or paint something that, days later, I simply don’t like as much as I thought I had.

Change is always possible

Unlike mistakes made in life, where you can’t always go back and right a wrong or change the past (no how much one may wish or try), art journaling allows one the expansive freedom to liberally erase mistakes or make sweeping changes to doodles and drawings from days or years past.

That’s because time is timeless across the pages of an art journal.

With art journaling, we can:

  • go back to any page and correct errors, address hiccups, and fix mishaps
  • revisit artistic decisions
  • collage over previous writings and scribbles

In short, art journaling offers us infinite freedom to go back to fix or address something.

And this ability to go back in drawing time and remedy or adjust details, large and small, is a refreshing experience. It makes one appreciate second (and third, and fourth, and more!) chances, especially when do-overs in our day-to-day lives aren’t always as possible.

Just some art journaling thoughts for today.


~ Mayra

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