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Little Miss Petunia Buttons

Meet Little Miss Petunia Buttons

Formerly Petunia Pickle Bottoms

Before adopting this hopelessly adorable Plott Hound pup from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, she was named Petunia Pickle Bottoms 🙂

When they brought her out to meet me and my 10-year old Charlie, she pranced up towards us with happily flopping ears and a stumbly-bounce in her step.

Needless to say, our hearts were stolen instantly.

Meet Petunia Buttons

Renamed Petunia Buttons, aka Petunia for short, now this furry gal is a wonderful addition to our family.

Little Miss Petunia Buttons

As with most pups, Petunia is rambunctious and a total handful.

But she’s also an absolute joy and a colorful personality that fits seamlessly into our world; almost as if she’s always belonged.

Antics galore

As time permits, I’ll share more about Petunia and her canine antics in posts to come.

For now, paws out! (… instead of “peace out” ?? Get it??? lol … yes yes, it’s super lame, I know).

~ Mayra

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