Here, blogging is always personal. |
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My new personal blog by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

Here, blogging is always personal.

Remember Nino Brown’s famous quote from the 1991 film New Jack City?

The one where he told his right-hand man, G-Money, that it’s “always business and never personal” …

Well, Nino Brown’s mantra doesn’t apply as much to this blog right here 🙂

While I realize there can be a fine line between personal and professional blogging (the two blogging approaches tend to overlap to some degree), this blog is specifically intended for far more personal publishing on a wide range of truly diverse topics that interest and inspire me, including:

  • reading: books I’ve read, books I’m reading, or books I can’t wait to read … because as an avid bibliophile 📚✊🏼🤍 I can’t stop reading 🙂 … mostly nonfiction, btw
  • technology: trends, the Internet, media, and user experiences
  • content: strategy and development
  • psychological science: news and commentary (mainly in the realm of cyberpsychology and media psychology)
  • career:  reflections and adventures
  • art & design: visual art and graphic design stuff
  • writing: creative writing and self publishing
  • personal: passion projects and occasional memoirs
  • miscellaneous: anything else that catches my writing attention

What does this mean to you, the reader?

Hopefully, you might share some of the very same interests I do.

If and/or when you do, you may find informational and/or entertainment value in what I write and share.

Thanks for visiting!

I look forward to your comments or emails.

Please do reach out any time by sending feedback or questions to



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