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My new personal blog by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

New Personal Blog

I’d like to underscore that this is my personal blog.

So if you’ve come here looking for my cyberpsychology, media psychology, brand and narrative psychology, and other technology writings, you won’t really find those subjects shared as often here (but to access those writings, you can go here instead).

What this means is that here on this blog, I’m freeing myself up to write about whatever’s on my mind, however frequently or completely random that may be.

The latter is truly a refreshing point; I spend so much time writing under deadlines, adhering to word counts, ensuring SEO keywords are included, or for prolific, academic purposes that freeform writing for my own pleasure, and without any formal parameters, is a real treat.

I write about all kinds of things, from books I’m reading and things I observe to career reflections and much more, so you’ll definitely find a little bit of a content and topic smorgasbord. I especially like keeping my writing topics here rather loose because I need and want this writing space to be pressure-free and casual 🙂 and so it is.

I also can’t say how often I’ll be writing on this blog or when. Some days, I may write something substantial and intentional and other times, my posts will be short and sweet and authored on a sheer whim.

Either way, I hope that if you stop here to browse, skim, or read anything, you’ll bump into something deliciously curious and worth reading.

Until then,


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