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Hey @stealthywriter_ I got your DM abt influencers/YouTube etc. Would be happy to help u with #mediapsychology #cyberpsychology angles if u r still in need. Pls email mayra@ruizmcpherson.com if still wanting to connect 👍 TY!

Yes, ppl: #Happiness can be learned! 🙏 "happiness is inextricably linked to development of inner equilibrium, a kinder & more open perspective of self, others & the world, towards a better understanding of the #humanmind & #brain." https://t.co/IgTiDRREl7 #positivepsychology

New study shows #fakenews doesn’t affect everyone equally. People w greater emotional intelligence are better at spotting it 👉 https://t.co/pYg0ZOWpTm #misinformation #disinformation #socialmedia #medialiteracy

Nearly half of Americans report feeling uneasy about returning to in-person interaction after #COVID19. Mental health experts, including @AskDrCharmain, offer practical advice for acknowledging this anxiety and finding healthy ways to cope. https://t.co/bwie05VDUs

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