Pink Roses. Fall Rain.

pink roses bathe in the cold fall rain

This cluster of pink roses basks quietly under the cold Fall rain.

I noticed these gorgeously-soaked flowers on my way to my local Starbucks and just had to take their pic.

I admit the uneventful, wet-petaled moment — captured in my photo above — may go unnoticed by many. But for me, such an unarresting scene is the kind of everyday and ordinary moment I often find most inspiring.

As I walk past the bundle of damped  roses, the following thoughts and phrases come to mind:

  • soaking wet roses billowing humbly under the falling rain
  • endlessly-pink flowered scene
  • despite the weight of the autumn rain, the green tapestry of leaves makes way for the pink-petaled cluster

I quickly entered my local Starbucks to scribble each unfinished phrase down, whether it makes sense or not. Because I never know what string of words may inspire me to keep writing further.

Unexpected sparks of loose and carefree writing are my favorite.

Unlike the rigorous editorial calendars that pre-identify content themes and specificy tight deadlines I often have to follow in my work for clients, here on this digital journal, I’m free to write about whatever I choose.

And, best of all, I write on my own time. No deadlines exist, unless I want them to.


So today, the writing spark for me were soggy pink flowers.

  • What will I write about tomorrow?
  • Or the next day?
  • If I choose to write at all.

I don’t have any answers.

And that’s the beauty of it. I don’t have to.

On this journal, I actively choose not to pressure myself to write every day or think too far ahead for specific content ideas.

Otherwise, writing here will start to feel like work, and I already have plenty of that on my client-focused writing plate.


If you’re here looking for my writing samples, well … you’ve found them.

Any posts on this journal are indicative of how I write.

However, if you’re specifically looking for my academic writings, then please visit my media psychology blog here.

And if you’re looking for my art and illustration-related posts, then you can get those from here.

Last but not least, I also have a page dedicated to writing samples here.

But …

… if you’re HERE and you’re open to fluid, ad-hoc writings about a variety of inspired topics and regular life stuff, then we’ll get along swimmingly and I’m *delighted* to have you as a reader.

Thanks for being here.

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


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