Creative Direction

Repositioning brand advertising for multi-location furniture retailer.

Branding refresh and updated marketing for furniture store retailer

Repositioning the Hamiltons Sofa & Leather Gallery (Hamiltons) brand over the past five years has been a measured and incremental endeavor.

Each year, however, I make a bit more headway and am proud of the gradual transformation the store’s ownership has allowed me to implement since we began collaborating in 2014.


This is what the store’s print ads looked like before my advertising design revamp efforts.

While the store’s previous ads were functional, they lacked the sophistication the brand had been attempting to visually portray.

Scroll below to see various “AFTER” examples of my various ad design upgrades, which have been published in various magazines as well as various Washington Post-owned publications.

has also included
social media content design.

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