Creative direction for social media campaign, including WOYC theme alignment, branding, copywriting, and social media graphics design.

Week of the Young Child 2015

Creative direction for WOYC 2015 Social Media Campaign on behalf of SFL and PreschoolFirst by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
A 2015 screenshot of PreschoolFirst’s Twitter cover image showcasing #WOYC campaign design directed by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

The Week of the Young Child (#WOYC) is an annual event/observance hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

In 2015, NAEYC’s #WOYC observance was a multi-hashtag event, consisting of the following themes:

  • Monday, April 13: #WOYCmusic
    (spotlighting how music education and play benefit kids)
  • Tuesday, April 14: #WOYCtacotuesday
    (showcasing kids doing fun food prep and cooking)
  • Wednesday, April 15: #WOYCworktogether
    (highlighting kids collaborating)
  • Thursday, April 15: #WOYCartsy
    (depicting kids in art or creative action)
  • Friday, April 16: #WOYCfamfriday
    (showing kids enjoying family time)

The organization I worked with at the time, The Source for Learning (SFL), had a product division — PreschoolFirst — focused on early childhood education (ECE).

The PreschoolFirst product team expressed desire to have their product brand enage in this #WOYC event on Twitter but had no concept of how to showcase their brand in a visual or interesting way.

Creative Direction

My creative directed idea was to introduce a young child as the official PreschoolFirst #WOYC “Spokeskid.”

The child’s week would then be visually journalized daily with each day highlighting the designated #WOYC theme.

See the various messages and social media designs (showcasing my own daughter, son, and husband whom I roped in to serve as models) I developed for PreschoolFirst’s #WOYC campaign below.

Twitter photo gallery with WOYC-themed, storyboarded visuals highlighting #WOYCtacotuesday by creative director Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

#WOYC Video content sample for “Taco Tuesday”

Tweet screenshot of WOYC campaign creatively directed by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson on behalf of The Source for Learning and PreschoolFirst

PreschoolFirst and its parent company hadn’t previously launched ANY kind of social media campaign.

As a result, pretty much ANY enagement derived from this campaign was to be deemed a success.

One metric of success back in 2015 was the now-defunct Klout score.

For a long time before this campaign launched, the @PreschoolFirst Twitter account had held steady at a very low Klout score hovering just above 20 (see below).

Twitter outreach and engagement traction results generated by social media strategist and brand psychologist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

If you look closely at the Klout score 90-day graph above, which includes the #WOYC campaign time frame of April 13-17, 2015, we can see a spike indicating much higher engagement for that given week.

The graph above clearly shows the @PreschoolFirst Twitter channel’s Klout score increased by at least 20 points as a direct result from this #WOYC outreach campaign.

Twitter impressions dramatically increased as well.

Impressions on Twitter also increased during the #WOYC week-long campaign (see below):

Twitter outreach and engagement traction results generated by social media strategist and brand psychologist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

The graph above showcases the two #WOYC hashtag themes on @PreschoolFirst that gained most traction were:

  • #WOYCtacotuesday (Tuesday, April 14), and
  • #WOYCworktogether (Wednesday, April 15).
Before & After Comparisons

Engagement Rate Success

In the below-shared table, you can see:

  • the LIGHT BLUE highlighted rows indicate 6 different non-#WOYC tweets published on @PreschoolFirst between January – March 2015 and their corresponding engagement levels, and
  • the YELLOW-PEACH highlighted rows showcase DAY 1 of the #WOYC campaign (with the designated #WOYCmusic theme) and the dramatically higher engagement rates derived from just one single day of tweeting.
Twitter outreach and engagement traction results generated by social media strategist and brand psychologist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


Overall, this #WOYC-themed effort was PreschoolFirst’s first ever social media outreach campaign.

The campaign’s deployment allowed the PreschoolFirst product team and its parent company, SFL, to:

  • Insert @PreschoolFirst brand on Twitter in a fun, relevant, and highly-visible way into @NAEYC’s #WOYC conversations;
  • “Humanize” PreschoolFirst and SFL’s visual storytelling efforts by journaling the #WOYC-themed adventures of their adorable “PreschoolFirst spokeskid” (people appeared more interested in an enaging with messaging delivered or shared by a cute spokeskid rather than engaging with product-specific messaging);
  • Align the PreschoolFirst and SFL brands into active social media discussions about early childhood education learning.