Designing, developing, and deploying Vistorylizer, a desktop application for visual storytelling measurement on Twitter.

Passion Project


Built with Python programming language, Vistorylizer℠ is a Twitter API-leveraging desktop application intended to measure a brand’s visual storytelling activities on Twitter.

See inspiration and approach behind this appdev project See inspiration and approach behind this appdev project

Development before design

Just like content comes first, then design; the same premise applies to appdev projects where building out the functionality first comes well before the pretty interface design work.

Keeping that important context (along with this project’s backstory) in mind, the following undesigned screen showcases the preliminary appdev work achieved thus far.

Vistorylizer appdev under development screenshot showcases preliminary functionality by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Figure A: An unfinished, in-progress screenshot of Vistorylizer’s℠ free visual storytelling analysis search

Figure A (above) displays an unfinished, in-progress snapshot of Vistorylizer’s℠ free analysis capability, which is currently limited to image-based media types published by a brand over a seven-day period.

A few notes to consider for improved context include:

  • Brands
    A brand refers to a commercial or personal brand or essentially any person or entity with a Twitter ID
  • Twitter media types
    Twitter tracks, in a somewhat limited fashion, various media types. The free version of Vistorylizer℠ will eventually allow users to track more media types beyond image-based media but the full extent of media type tracking (beyond seven days) will be a paid search feature.
  • Vistorylizer’s free version is limited to searches within the past 7 days
    This is because Twitter charges for data access beyond a 7-day period. Therefore, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day+ types of searches across multiple media types will be available in Vistorylizer’s℠ paid search version (Figure B).
Vistorylizer appdev under development screenshot showcases preliminary functionality by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Figure B. An under-development view of Vistorylizer’s℠ more comprehensive paid search capability.

Next steps

In collaboration with my amazing developer counterpart, we are moving forward with augmenting visual storytelling search capability beyond image-based media types.

This careful work, however, involves not just alignment to Twitter’s API but also building out our own Twitter API “modifiers,” which powerfully extend Twitter’s API default capabilities to meet Vistorylizer’s℠ specific product design needs.

Beta launch

Last but not least, we’ll eventually deploy Vistorylizer’s℠ free version as a beta but we’re (very) far from that at the time of this writing (today’s date is Wednesday, April 8, 2020).

Currently, we’re still refining and building and don’t yet have a beta launch but as this is a passion project, we don’t have strict development schedules.

As such, our beta launch is TBD but I’ll update more as additional progress is made.

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