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Professional Resume Branding Lessons by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

Professional Resume Branding: Variations & Learnings

Resume Branding: An Overview

Anyone who’s ever searched for job opportunities online *knows* that this employment hunting activity will inevitably require not just an updated resume but possibly several different variations of one’s resume, depending on what niche nature of the job listings requires or calls for.

It’s a frustrating reality that most job hunters, myself included, won’t be able to entirely avoid.

My case in point

Because my career is in digital strategy, this field encompasses various niche specialties, including (but not limited t0) social media, creative direction, content and copywriting, user experience, performance and measurement, and more.

For my own purposes, I was finding it challenging to come up with a one-size-fits-all resume … so I ended up coming up with four (4) unique versions:

Completing four differentiated resumes was a real feat but doing so allowed me the opportunity to cover massive job searching ground: I could apply to many more job opportunities in a very targeted way.

Tailored resume details

Obviously, differentiating one’s resume PER SPECIALITY is extremely time-consuming and requires some clear thinking as to HOW one will twist and repurpose relatively similar or overlapped professional information over and over in a fresh and contrasted way.

Below, for example, is how I ended up crafting my Creative Director resume, which I purposefully made to be highly visual to underscore my creative skillset:

Creative Director resume by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA     Visual resume by Creative Director and illustrator Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

In turn, my social media resume emphasized social media-only details, the same for my UX version, and so on.

The point with these hyper-efforts is to saliently showcase your professional details within a specialty in an elegantly blatant way to better stand out from hundreds of other applicants and competing resumes.

For my Creative Director resume in particular (shared above), I got an interview request within 3 business days of uploading it so clearly, it resonated and the extra effort was well worth the time.

(Side note: I got the same 3-business day interview request result after also submitting my social media and digital strategist resumes as well.)

Professional Resume Branding Lessons by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

My simple, mobile responsive, 1-pager “resume mothership” housing all related resume versions plus more

Then came the need for a “resume mothership”

Once I completed my four resume versions, I realized that it would be helpful if I could have some kind of 1-pager “resume mothership” containing all four resumes **PLUS** other relevant links to additional work experience information, such as links to samples, specific writings, and much more.

Since most job postings allow for only one resume upload, I could supplement that resume upload with a link to the “resume mothership” that contained the other resumes as well as the other accompanying, relevant links.

That’s how I came up with this very simple 1-pager resume mothership, which I easily created using Carrd, a simple, fully responsive one-page site service.

Next steps, recommendations, and more

Even though I did manage to come up with four variations of my resume, I honestly will need to create two more versions: one for my content strategy/writing and one more for my media psychology/cyberpsychology focus.

So now I have to upload and apply like crazy to jobs of interest, which I’m currently doing and am already enjoying some almost immediate results in terms of multiple interview requests.

For those considering creating various versions of a resume, I recommend the following 3 tips:

  1. Identify your top 3-5 specialties and find interesting angles to not only say but also show (aka be visual!) the same career or work experience in differentiated ways.
  2. Centralize all resumes on some kind of “resume mothership” or online document sharing service (like Google Drive or Dropbox etc.) to facilitate the sharing of all your supportive links, samples, and additional resumes.
  3. When you upload a cover letter, include the URL to your resume mothership and encourage the employer to learn more via the link to see additional resume variations highlighting other skillsets, access work samples, and more.

If any of my sharing here helps you in any way, or if you also have some interesting resume branding experience to share, please do so in the comments below.

Good luck to you … and to me too!

Featured blog image credit: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

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