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Generating actionable results from your content

5 reasons to rope me into your project or team


30 years of digital strategy

We’re talking the whole digital kit and caboodle, which means pretty much everything and anything under the digital marketing sun.

I’ve been writing, designing, optimizing, advertising, marketing, branding, measuring, and developing for the Web since 1995. That means I’ve been doing this whole digital thing, at all phases of projects and for all kinds of brands, for a looong time. This extensive experience means I bring sophisticated depth and well-rounded, results-focused digital strategy expertise to your omnichannel marketing table.


Seasoned marketing technologist

I’ve been working with all kinds of proprietary marketing platforms and ad tech tools, and helping organizations digitally transform their marketing operations, since 2005.

Assisting organizations in sourcing, configuring, integrating, and continuously optimizing their marketing platforms and proprietary dashboards across the past 15+ years has greatly enriched my content-focused capabilities. How? Because much of the tech that companies deploy in this stead are used to support wide-ranging content campaigns across email, search, and social.


Prolific writer & digital communicator

I enjoy writing, developing content, and crafting digital narratives. As a senior content strategist, having passion for such things is more than half the content battle.

I’m always looking to assist marketing stakeholders and teams struggling to produce or upkeep their content-based initiatives. Such scenarios allow me the opportunity to help an organization fuel, implement, and sustain content strategies to excite audiences, inspire action, and thrive forward.


Extensive design expertise

My digital marketing career was born out from earlier graphic design roles where I was responsible for designing everything from brand assets and marketing collateral to brand identities and corporate websites.

As an experienced designer, I can design just about any brand asset or graphical need. This aesthetic background seamlessly correlates with my content strategy skillset because designing absolutely anything for marketing purposes *always* starts with (and depends on) content.


Trained media psychologist

Last but not least, I’m trained in media psychology (and in cyberpsychology as well). Brands looking to transform their engagement with followers and customers understand this training to be a content and messaging game changer.

Media refers to the channels used to distribute information to the masses; and psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. When you pair these two arenas together, you gain an advantageous understanding of how media influences consumer behavior. In a marketing setting, media psychology training  offers invaluable insights for brands seeking to deepen emotional connections with advocates, audiences, and fans.

What they’re saying

Amaoge O. (Consultant)

When Mayra and I collaborated closely on social media marketing projects over the course of three years, her content and design ideas were consistently thoughtful, 100% on-target, and exceptionally executed. Since then, I loyally follow Mayra and her content thought leadership. Moreover, whenever I need savvy content ideas, strategy or content designs for my personal projects, I come to her. Hands down and end of sentence.

Dana K. (CEO)

I’ve worked with Mayra, off and on, since 2013. Time and again, the level of quality of her content design has been nothing short of stellar. Her content touch and design skill are unlike anything my brand has ever experienced. This is why when I need content written or designed, my single source has been (and will continue to be) Mayra.

Content Strategy & Design   |    Why work with me   |    Examples    |    Case Studies   |   Whatever else

Got questions?
Please email me at mayra at ruizmcpherson dot com.