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Just My Thoughts

Just M Magazine for Creatives & Design Enthusiasts by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


a labor of (major) design love.

That’s what self-publishing a (primarily digital) magazine (mostly lol) feels like to me.

Some days, I admit, assembling all the pieces into one finished, designed magazine product feels absolutely overwhelming.

But despite the challenges content, design, and full-fledged production may bring, ALL days, however, feel super fun, highly creative, and truly exciting.

It’s definitely entailed.

If you open ANY news stand magazine and turn to the page where the magazine staff is listed, most of the time you see a substantial team or crew of folks listed, usually under various departments like “Editorial,” “Advertising” and such.

When you’re self-publishing, however, the breadth and benefit of having such teams in place is often lacking.

It seems from much of the self-publishing books and blogs I’ve been reading as of late that the main challenge with self-publishing is not necessarily the writing part but instead it’s (a) the production and/or (b) the marketing aspects related to indie endeavors.

Now that I’m thickly in this self-publishing project, I fully understand this first-hand.

I realize that even indie publishers have the smallest of teams beyond their own selves, and this is true for me too. I myself am working with a handful of folks to get this launched, but the large majority of effort, messaging, and vision ultimately comes from me.


As a marketer and designer with extensive communications experience, I feel extremely fortunate to have the background I have in embarking on this self-publishing journey.

Still, DESPITE my having my experience, the project does feel rather daunting at times.

The key, however, is NEVER to allow the vastness of the self publishing process to feel impossible, unattainable, or overshadow THE CREATIVE THRILL that propelled the project to begin with.

And that’s exactly where I’m at.

While, yes, I do have moments of production panic and content development overwhelment (i know that’s not a word but you get the point!), mostly I’m just having so much fun and enjoying every minute of this magazine production experience.

I’m super excited, very pumped, and can’t wait to launch.

My Just M Magazine launch is tentatively scheduled for April 2019’ish (but this is a gentle hope and goal in between grad school and client work; let’s see how it goes).

I’ll share more details as they develop,


Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

Marketing Differentiation Thoughts Inspired by Henri Matisse

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson