So long Twitter. It’s been real. |
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So long Twitter. It's been real.

So long Twitter. It’s been real.

I bid thee farewell.

Because the Elon Musk-atization of your platform is nothing I can follow.

Look … Elon Musk may be a wonderful person.

Maybe he’s even a brilliant billionaire.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I do *not* trust Musk will be a good Twitter steward.

His free speech reasonings for purchasing Twitter, all in the name of protecting democracy, are — in my view — public fronts or facades to mask his more self serving needs and wants.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

I hope indeed that I am.

But as a cyberpsychologist and humane technologist, and given Musk’s continuing efforts to computerize and commercialize our human brains, my trust in his ethical leadership of Twitter is absolutely zilch, beyond zippo, and totally zero.

Unlike other users who may hang around to see what happens, my trust must be earned; it will not automatically transfer or be inherited-by-default.

And plus, well before the Musk-atization of Twitter, I had already been working to downsize my social media presence for a slew of mental wellness reasons.

Not to mention I no longer wish to be data-commodified by the pervasive surveillance and privacy overreach of Big Tech, so there’s that too.

And so with these parting words, I do wish Twitter much luck and hope Musk will do right by the platform.

But I won’t hold my 280-charactered breath 🙏💔

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA
Wishing all Tweepers who stay or join once Musk takes over the very best, despite my distrust. 
If you have questions or comments, please shoot over an email at
And if you enjoyed reading this or feel this content can benefit someone, please pass it along and let me know.
Thank you 🙏
~ Mayra


📸 Tandem X Visuals via Unsplash
(photo embellishments by yours truly)

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