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Officially Approved
As of mid-November 2019, my Twitter Developer application was officially approved by Twitter.

I was *thrilled* with the approval because it provides me with developer access to Twitter’s API.

To explain my excitement and learn my Twitter API access intentions, please see below.

The original spark

Around 2015 or so, I was working as a contractor at a digital ad agency in a Senior Social Media Strategist role. In that capacity, I was responsible for overseeing social media strategies for several luxury brand accounts. This included preparing weekly and monthly performance reports, namely from Twitter and Facebook analytics.

Even though the agency had me pull automated reports from social media tracking tools (like Sprout and several others), such tools don’t have really offer reporting features dedicated towards the measurement of visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling report 

As a result, I ended developing my own seperate, additional report for luxury clients that more accurately attempted to measure visual storytelling across their Twitter and Facebook channels.

My reports — which reported quantity and context of various media types in a given reporting period — was cumbersome to compile because I had to curate all that information (sometimes for more than 10 accounts at a time!) completely by hand.

But even though doing so was such a pain, it turned out that clients really loved my visual storytelling report. Yet the more I prepared the report(s) for clients, the more I began to wish there was *some* way I could automate my process somehow.

Measuring visual storytelling on Twitter

My 2015 backstory sets the stage for the how and why I submitted my Twitter developer application. But 2015 was five years ago, and now it’s 2020. So there’s far more to this Twitter-centric appdev story to share, which I’ll do at a future date when things are a bit further along.

Next steps

Right now, I’ve been busy designing mockups, product roadmaps, identifying appdev functional requirements, and more. And my developer and I are already collaborating on our first basic but working prototype, which is really exciting.

At some point when things are a bit further along, I’ll share our work in progress and eventually our desktop app beta as well.

So that’s my Twitter API scoop.

I’ve kept this info rather broad for now because I’m not quite ready to share the nuts and bolts just yet. If you’re interested in learning more, check back soon as I’ll be posting additional appdev details as progress continues.

Thanks for reading,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


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