Pink Roses. Fall Rain.

pink roses bathe in the cold fall rain

This cluster of pink roses basks quietly under the cold Fall rain.

I noticed these gorgeously-soaked flowers on my way to the local Starbucks and just had to take their pic. Their wet-petaled photo shared above represents the kind of mundane scene that speaks volumes to me on any given day.

What catches my eye and inspires me to write or share ideas (like this endlessly-pink flowered scene) is surely different from what may catch YOUR eye and inspire YOU or others.

But somehow, you are here on my site, reading this journal entry, and so I just want to share with you the kind of stuff that compels me to crack open my WordPress and simply start typing.

I never know what will peel me away from whatever activity to start composing a post here but that uncertainty, I believe, is what makes writing here fun for me.

Unlike the rigorous editorial calendars that pre-identify given content themes and specific deadlines I often have to work with, here I get to write about whatever I choose and best of all, it’s all on my own time.

So today, the writing spark for me were these soggy pink flowers 🙂

Tomorrow, who the hell knows?

I know I don’t.

Here, I actively choose not to pressure myself and think too far ahead, otherwise writing here will feel like work, and I already have plenty of that on my writing plate.

Therefore, if you’re here looking for my professional writings, then please go visit my media psychology blog here.

And if you’re looking for my art and illustration-related posts, then you can get those from here.

But …

… if you’re HERE and you’re open to fluid, ad-hoc writings about random topics and regular life stuff, then we’ll get along swimmingly and I’m *delighted* to have you as a reader.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog.


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